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Offally nice recipe

The name of this dish isn’t over complicated “kidneys and rice”…simples! I believe the recipe was devised by my maternal grandmother and it’s been passed down to me, no doubt with some variations along the way…I’m not sure how long … Continue reading

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Now, I’m not massively experienced at cooking liver, but I have successfully followed a simple pate recipe once or twice. So I felt sufficiently qualified to have a bash at making pate with the liver from our pigs. Even though … Continue reading

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Snatching Victory from the (roasted) Jaws of Defeat

So in the end I made Rilettes and, even if I say so myself, they were very successful. For those who don’t know, Rilettes are meat (I think it’s usually either pork or duck) cooked very slowly in fat so … Continue reading

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Staring Failure in the (roasted) Face

OK. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. From forgetting to light the oven to running out of foil. By Sunday night I was wibbling in the corner guzzling gin. This has not gone well. I carried out my … Continue reading

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Adventures with a Pig’s Head.

I think all of us involved in this project are keen on the theory of nose to tail eating but we may not know how to handle the reality. To this end, I thought I’d blog about my experience of … Continue reading

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